Helping a friend on his apartment hunt brought me to a part of Germany I didn’t really know before. Around the towns of Braunschweig, Salzgitter and Wolfenbuettel in Lower Saxony in the center of Germany, there is a lot of open country side with rolling fields, the Harz mountains are close by, but there is also a lot of heavy (mainly steel) industry.

And there is this charming little town that I completey fell in love with. It actually dates all the way back to the 10th century. The old town, that is many of the old buildings there, are from about the 16th century.

What we didn’t really think about is that this is exactly the area that is currently threatened to be flooded. There has been a lot (!) of rain lately in Germany and many towns have had problems with flooding, trees being uprooted etc. 

The first time we drove through town you could already tell that the waters of the river Oker were high and almost up to bridge level. There was one street that had just been blocked off and the police were going around asking people to remove their cars. 

The next day we were back and the bridge was closed and the blocked off street completely under water. There were pumps working all around the old town and a lot of people around too looking, watching…

Who would,have thought that hunting for apartments (successfully I might add) could turn into such an adventure – and the best part: I will be back – hopefully in bright sunshine!


Alma mater II

Our next stop was downtown Paderborn, the city, the historic center, the pedestrianized zone… but we weren’t really here for the history, the sites, or even the shops or cafes. We just wanted to feel the atmosphere, see what had changed and what was still as ugly as ever.


The weather was definitely typical for Eastern Westphalia: a slight, but penetrating drizzle and quite cold too. We limited our walk around town accordingly.

I must admit that I didn’t even remember many details. The girls kept going on that the Cafe Central isn’t called the Cafe Central anymore, but La Maison. But until they actually took me to the place, I had no idea what they were talking about.

The pictures we took were of the sights after all, like any other tourist: the cathedral, the town hall, one of the oldest schools in town, the town model, the concert hall. Those haven’t changed much or at all and will most likely still be the same when we return in ten years or so…






Back to normal

It’s Monday.

Here, it is a grey and rainy Monday.

It’s also the day when school started back afterr the holidays and most people went back to work.

I am taking down decorations, happy to return to normal life, a daily routine, the simple days… I am not bothered by rain or anything today. I am ready for the new year as it is.


2015! Here I come!