Lithuania II

After walking back into Lithuania, our first stop was a place that had been top secret for twenty years: an ex-Soviet missile launch site, which is now a Cold War Museum. It’s creepy to say the least and we were happy to come back into the warm sunshine after visiting the exhibition and peeking down the missile silo.

Stopping for gas in Palanga was a good choice as we discovered what a nice little seaside town it is, but we had a room booked further down the coast in KlaipÄ—da, where we arrived with plenty of time to explore the pretty old town.

The Curonian Spit was next on the agenda – an absolute highlight. The Baltic spit coast is very special and this is one of the finest examples – so much sand, such high dunes, such extraordinary landscapes, such cozy little villages – and the border to Kaliningrad, Russia. Strange again to see a marine vessel in the lagoon guarding the border on the water.

The next day we went down the coast of the lagoon an enjoyed it just as much as the spit.

And then it was time to turn East again and South eventually: home.

One last stop in Kaunas showed another thriving city with a lovely old town.

We’ll be back!


All time favorite / worldwide: Lubin

One of my all time favorites spots in the whole wide world is in a little Polish town called Lubin.

They excavated remains of a church and parts of a graveyard there from the 15th century. So it is a historic site – but I must admit that’s not why I love it so much.

It is also a vantage point high above the lagoon or backwater of Stettin. The view is amazing!

The Oder river, which forms the border between Poland and Germany, flows into the lagoon. And that itself is connected to the Baltic by the Swine waterway.

The site also has a little cafe. When I said that I wanted to spend a few hours here, I got a really shocked expression from my favorite travel companion. But in the end we really spent about three hours there. I – for my part – mainly enjoying that stunning view. Him making use of the German data service we were able to pick up (probably because we were so high up).

It’s a place I want to come back to whenever I have the chance. Someone there called it magical – and it really is!