As far as the eye can sea

Have you ever wondered how far across the ocean you can see standing on a beach?

Well, I just did. And I figured I could ask my tried and trusted search engine or the mathematican on the sun bed next to mine.

Old friend Pytagoras apparently provides the answer – as was demonstrated to me quite clearly from the next sun bed.

The exact distance seems to be 4.7 km (2.9 miles) – more if you are higher up standing on a cliff or in a ship’s look-out (thank you, www, for the exact numbers).


This time of year

The first week of Advent people in Germany get their Christmas decorations from the attic or basement. Lights go up everywhere. Christmas markets open…

We on the other hand usually spend this week away at the beach in Egypt – filling up with sunshine for the long and dark winter in Berlin.

Nevertheless… catering to their mostly Christian guests the resort here also decorates the lobby and restaurants and I found this year that I am really missing something if they don’t. They’ve kept me waiting till Thursday until I had my tree and Santa.

And now I am even looking forward to getting home and putting up my own decorations… a little bit at least…

Mixing it up

Apparently, last year I had decided at some point during our week at the beach in November that on our next trip here I would give the newly opened spa a try.

When the sales people approached us this year I had all but forgotten about that resolution – but I had it pointed out to me by my travel mate. And when I booked a facial and pedicure he decided to come along. No, not just to keep me company, but to get his feet done too – minus the nail polish…

… no, I will not do this again next year. For the simple reason that while I enjoyed the treatment it really stressed me out to have an appointment during this otherwise time-less week.