South of the border

There's a certain kind of store that (as far as I know) only exists in Germany's most northern states. They are always close to the border or close to the big ferry terminals and they cater mainly to Scandinavian tourists. Though that might not be the right word, maybe it should rather be shoppers than …

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First trip – summer of 2015

Often when returning from an especially wonderful trip, I feel such an anti-climax back home - not really knowing what to do with myself. This time I have even returned without my bags (they will be brought to me later), so I cannot start laundry, but maybe this is better anyway. It was our first …

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Museums – a place of wonder and excellence

Surrounded by fascinating things one often forgets the primary purpose of a museum: to collect, preserve, and research; followed by display and educate. The Museum of Natural History is a perfect example. Just look at the vast wet collection: From small to big animals, the preparation skills of the teams in Berlin are outstanding - …

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