More summer dreaming

Dear friend Wilbur has taken the clue and has sent a few pictures from one of his trips this past summer. It was a road trip along the Danube river in Germany and I’ve got to tell you, the pictures surely got me dreaming of  summer… and travelling… and sunshine…

First was a boat trip of course.


Also, a stop in Kehlheim at the Hall of Liberation, which looks a little bit like a huge cookie jar and was built in rememerance of the battles against Napoleon in 1813-1815 by King Ludwig I of Bavaria (I hope I am getting all the history right). It’s built on a hill overlooking the river.


Inside there are 34 mable victory goddesses, each 4m (13ft) high. You can walk around the entire cuppola on the higher balcony.


Other stops included Noerdlingen, where sweet Wibur posed in front of a quite unique fountain with the Hotel Kloesterle in the background, that once was a monestary.


And beautiful Rothenburg with the Gerlach Smithery in this picture. The picture was taking from the city walls.


But my favorite looks like a side trip to Greece and a Greek temple…


The Walhalla!

Also built by Ludwig I in 1842 it commemorades famous Germans. There are busts and statues inside.

And it’s not just the perspective, it’s huge!

And look at the blue sky and puffy white clouds…


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