Last day of the year

The city is full of tourists. People from all over the world are here to welcome the new year in one of Europe’s most exciting cities. There will be hundreds of thousands at Germany’s biggest New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate tonight.

Right about now, they are starting to let people in. In about three hours they’ll start closing the first entrances – mind you it is 3pm now. And all this in a steady drizzle and about 3 degrees Celsius (38 Fahrenheit). Yes, it’s all taking place outside. I am sure you can catch it on TV later today or tomorrow…

The most surprising visitor we saw this morning when heading into town for our traditional brunch, was this little sister of Wilbur.


… about 200 km (125 miles) from the nearest ocean …

All that’s left for us to do today is hoping that everyone will have a safe night and wishing everyone a good start to an ecxiting year 2015!



Last minute shopping for the Holidays

It might seem like a weird selection, but this was our last minute shopping today.


It’s a tradition to join the crowds at the local supermarket when going “home” for Christmas. Usually, we are all done with shopping by this time, but it’s this special atmosphere – and it’s a tradtion. This year we were a day early and I must admit, it was different. People seemed more hurried, even agressive. On Christmas Eve morning there’s a certain calm already and a greater friendliness among strangers (even when waiting in a line that stretches through the entire store). The Christmas spirit…. maybe we’ll have to go back tomorrow…

Baltic beach

The island of Usedom is only a little over two hours away from Berlin and always our first choice when in need of a beach day. We go in summer and we go in winter – and it could not be more different.

Summers are colorful, loud, crowded, bright…

Winters are quiet, empty, calming…

See for yourself … the pictures were taken at the same beach …