Back to Mannheim

We’ve made it back to Mannheim today and ventured a little further than the usual city center / main shopping street. It’s amazing how little some things have changed in more than 10 years, like the little store selling collector’s stamps, while others have “grown up”, like the very basic beer garden at the old OEG station, that is now a fancy beach bar.

We had also forgotten how warm it stays here at night. Even after sundown in mid September it was more than 20C (68F). In this almost Mediterranean atmosphere people were enjoying their Friday evenings outside and we leisurely strolled along the Nationaltheater (national theater), Rosengarten (convention center), and Wasserturm (old water tower and park) before taking the TGV, the French high speed train, that also runs between Paris and Frankfurt, to Frankfurt.

MA Nationaltheater

MA Rosengarten

MA Wasserturm