I knew the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to be a city worth visiting, but I was surprised at how pretty it really is. It has a really cozy old town with little cute stores, rustic restaurants, lively markets, and modern cafes (Miss Tortchen was divine). But the best is definitely their fairytale castle. Who has ever said that you need to go to southern Germany to see castles and palaces!? Schwerin has a palace! And beautiful gardens – even on a cold and windy day. With the lakes all around it also feels like you are at the coast, which is a nice little extra. I am sure this was not the last time we went…


This is definitely a town that’s going to stand out. Since living in Berlin, we have visited many of the towns around, like Greifswald, Stalsund, Neubrandenburg, Eberswalde, Frankfurt/Oder, Cottbus, Brandenburg/Havel – and all of them have something special, something unique. I still think Schwerin has just moved to no. 1. But maybe with Ellie on board now, I have to go back to all of them and post many “best of”s: palace, museum, shopping, lake/river, historic town, coffee, ….


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