Holiday travel

There are many cultures where a holiday means travelling, so you can spend it with your family and I am starting to wonder whether we are turning into such a culture as well. Most of our friends are travelling to see their families over the long Easter holiday (Friday through Monday in Germany). Now, I appreciate that spending holidays with family is not an entirely new concept here either – to the contrary. It’s just the travelling part that strikes me as new. But maybe, when you think about it, it’s not that surprising as mobility becomes more and more important, especially when living in a city such as Berlin. I don’t have the newest numbers, but a few years ago apparently three quarters of the people living in Berlin had not been born here. No wonder all our friends are away this weekend – on the other hand, they are being “replaced” by an expected two million tourists (just over Easter). So, it’s the travelling on holidays, not the spending time with family really. Right? Because not all of those two million people can have family here, can they.


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