World Wish Day

In April, Make-A-Wish celebrates World Wish Day, a global day of wish-granting in honor of our anniversary and the wish that inspired the creation of Make-A-Wish in 1980 and the more than 334,000 wishes granted globally since. Make-A-Wish International grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Make-A-Wish is the largest wish-granting organization in the world – granting a wish somewhere in the world, on average, every 22 minutes.



Time travel

Right back to the 90s!

We used to go shows of The Hooters a lot. We didn’t quite follow the band around, but we did see three or four shows per tour. Some people started calling us “platonic groupies” and the crew took that up for a while. It was fun! They got us into “all areas” easily and if all else failed they loaded us up with T-shirts and posters and told security we were the merchandise girls.


There are only one or two people from that crew on the tours these days, but the band still recognizes our faces too and is always happy to see us in our customary front row spot, dancing, and singing along. It still amazes Rob that we know the words to all their songs.

I never feel so much “in the moment” as I do during their shows. There are so many happy memories within those moments – from times when things were easy, time could be spend at leisure, responsibility was limited; when we were young. Now we cannot just stop and take off to enjoy a summer with The Hooters anymore, but those few nights when we do manage to see them and hear them play, we can leave everything that’s weighing us down behind, be carefree again, and simply enjoy the moment!

Thanks, guys, for still making these moments possible for us!

Holiday travel

There are many cultures where a holiday means travelling, so you can spend it with your family and I am starting to wonder whether we are turning into such a culture as well. Most of our friends are travelling to see their families over the long Easter holiday (Friday through Monday in Germany). Now, I appreciate that spending holidays with family is not an entirely new concept here either – to the contrary. It’s just the travelling part that strikes me as new. But maybe, when you think about it, it’s not that surprising as mobility becomes more and more important, especially when living in a city such as Berlin. I don’t have the newest numbers, but a few years ago apparently three quarters of the people living in Berlin had not been born here. No wonder all our friends are away this weekend – on the other hand, they are being “replaced” by an expected two million tourists (just over Easter). So, it’s the travelling on holidays, not the spending time with family really. Right? Because not all of those two million people can have family here, can they.

Short trip to Frankfurt and Mannheim

We have nothing big planned at the moment, but I took Ellie to Frankfurt and Mannheim for a few days, where we’ve lived and worked some years ago. I enjoyed hearing the local people in Mannheim talk in their very unique dialect “Kurpfaelzisch”. It’s not the prettiest dialect there is in Germany, but it somehow still sounds like home.

Ellie is posing in front of the Frankfurt skyline and the Wasserturm in Mannheim.



It was a trip to the past in more than one respect. I had coffee with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in more than ten years (the last time actually was when we were living in Mannheim). We are almost “birthday twins” (e.g. our birthdays are just one day apart in the same year), so maybe that makes for a strong connection or maybe you just stay connected with some people even if you are not in touch much, but we dived right back in. It was quite inspiring – and quite fun too.


Hoppegarten is a beautiful race course with lots of atmosphere, it’s very relaxed and exciting at the same time.
My favorites were the horses and the hats. Unfortunately none of the hats fit me and I must admit horses are indeed large animals.


We had two kids with us yesterday and one liked the moonwalk best and the other the food… I love kids…

The encounter

I would like to go back a little and tell you about Ellie’s most memorable experience so far.
She had an encounter with a wild beast… It was not possible to determine after it happened whether it was an attack or just an invitation to play, but it came from my sister’s dog and Ellie was pretty roughed up when we finally rescued her from the dog’s fangs.
She had to have stitches in four different places, but her surgeon did a very nice job and she did recover completely with time. She felt totally back to normal after a nice soapy bath and ready for new adventures.
She’s still a little weary of other animals (except for my nieces’ Fillys) and stays very close to me, especially when there are dogs around, but she loved the little lizards we saw in Costa Rica a lot.
And she asked me not to post any pictures of that particular adventure…

Ellie’s turn to introduce herself

Hello, this is Ellie.

Above (pic in the header) you can see my usual place of residence, but I am happiest when traveling.
Since my friend and I have met a few years ago, we’ve been to the Red Sea in Egypt, to Prague, to Beijing and Shanghai, and another Chinese city with more than a million people living there, but still nobody in the “West” has heard of it (it’s called Suzhou for all you insiders). More recently we have visited friends and family in North Carolina and have been traveling around Costa Rica – beautiful country.

I’ll take you along on the next trip and am already looking forward to it.